Inesita de Betty la fea lives in an asylum at 83 years old

The cute character captivated all Colombians two decades ago. inesita of Ugly Betty He lives in a nursing home and that’s what he looks like today.

The actress Dora Cadavid who gave life to the beloved seamstress and faithful friend of Hugo Lombardy in the popular series, he is currently 83 years old. After a life dedicated to the performing arts decided to move to a nursing home.

Despite having been released 21 years ago, there are many memories of his character and of the novel in general. Her legacy continues in the memory of Colombians. It is currently broadcast by the RCN channel in prime time.

For the paisa actress and announcer The decision to live in an asylum was made after the death of her son Moisés Cadavid in 2012. After the sad episode inesita he had a decline in his mood and not to represent a greater burden for the rest of his family moved to a rest home for older adults in the city of Medellin.

Dora Cadavid not only participated in the work of Fernando Gaitán, she was present in more than 45 productions, among which the following stand out: woman-fragranced coffee Y Francis the mathematician, as well as several plays. Her colleagues and co-stars visit her regularly. and share moments with her.

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