Indigo was born, according to various international media

According to various international media reports, Indigo was bornthe first son of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry.

Apparently the wait for one of the most popular young couples of the moment would be over, because according to international media reports, Evaluna, daughter of Ricardo Montanerwould have already given birth to Indigo, her first child with the singer Camilo Evheverry.

Recall that the couple announced that they would become parents in October 2021, taking advantage of the launch of their theme Indigo (her baby’s namesake), and furthermore, they had not wanted to know if it would be a boy or a girl until the moment of birth, although Evaluna’s mother would have mistakenly guessed that it was a girl.

International media indicate that Indigo was born

As reported on his Instagram account, the program wake up americathe first-born of Evaluna and Camilo has already arrived in the world and it is a girlsomething that is not a problem when called Indigo, since it is a gender-neutral name, a subject that the father of the creature explained some time ago.

Nevertheless, neither parent has announced so far on their social networks, although it is striking that they have not published for two days, which raises suspicions among Internet users, who assure that the birth has already taken place.

For its part, the famous singer of romantic music Ricardo MontanerIndigo’s grandfather, has neither confirmed nor dismissed the information.

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