In the social network, Yina Calderón and her tattoo are compared to Barbie

«She doesn’t look like Barbie!» Internet users say. Yina Calderón and her tattoo again they were not very well received by the followers of the influencer, who were puzzled.

Yina Calderón knows very well how to attract the attention of Internet users and the media; That is why she remains in force and, as she says, «wetting the press» thanks to her scandals, either because of her fights with other celebrities, because of her plastic surgeries or because of her tattoos. .

And precisely the latter was what caught the attention of his followers, because through his Instagram account yinacalderondjoficial he shared his new tattoo with them, but although some liked it, others commented that It wasn’t what they expected, especially after Yina revealed that she wanted to be a human Barbie.

They criticize Yina Calderón and her Hello Kitty tattoo because that’s not Barbie

“Do you have any doubts that I am the Colombian Barbie @yinaacalderonbarbie 😜🔥, I raffled her daughters, I am her Barbie 🇨🇴, do I look like her or do you just envy her bb!”

Yina wrote next to the following image…

Immediately the comments did not make them wait, and those in which they recriminated her because the iconic doll created by Matel does not have the tattoos that the businesswoman with the girdles wears.

“Obviously you look alike!!! When I was a girl I had an equal one scratched her face with a pen and marker and painted her hair colors hahahaha”

“Look, sit down and Google Barbie, then detail the doll very well and compare it with yourself, you will realize that you are far from reality, it may be that your style is similar to that of another doll, but in a fine style, feminine and delicate of a Barbie no.”

“The 1000 barbie that sells around the neighborhood 😂😂😂😂”

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