In just one minute you can do 10 productive things

The Mashable portal presents the video of The Muse, where it is insisted that «that free minute can really make a difference» in the world of work or at least in the perception that a person has about their productivity.

As it is, here are 10 things you can do the next time you have a free minute, picked up by The Daily Muse:


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1. Identify one thing that you can delegate. And delegate it once you resume your work routine.

two. Post an interesting article on LinkedIn. (Be careful, it’s not the same as putting the photo of your pint or your lunch today on Facebook…)

3. Create a folder on your desktop and download some interesting articles that you want to read leisurely later.

Four. Download a productive application such as (designed to improve team productivity) or Dropbox (which allows you to host all your information on the internet).

5. Remove a distracting app from your phone or tablet. The options are many!

6. Send a thank you email to a person who has helped you. And that it will possibly help you again in the future.

7. Try out all the pens on your desk and throw out the ones that don’t work. Very good advice!

8. Organize your computer desktop. To make the rest of your workday more productive.

9. Ask a co-worker you don’t know well yet to have lunch together. She will be amazed at what she can learn from other people.

10. Read interesting news and stories.

Source: ElPulzo