Impossible love inspired literature by Gabriel García Márquez

If you know something of the literature of Gabriel García Márquez, you can not miss his first love story, impossible and real life.

If you have read anything by Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, you surely know that his writings are full of love stories: from the stories to his novel One hundred years of solitude.

What few people know is that this writer lived in his own flesh an impossible love story with which almost all of us identify ourselves.

During his school years, in Aracataca, the author studied at the Colegio María Montessori; over there fell in love with his teacher Rosa Fergussonwho instilled in him a love of literature.

“I dedicate this award to my first teacher at the Montessori school in Aracataca, who at the age of 5 taught me to love literature,” said Gabriel García Márquez at a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1982.

The journalist Beatriz Parga reconstructed this impossible love in the book The teacher and the Nobel; It will begin to be adapted for the cinema in 2019.

And you, have you ever fallen in love with your teacher?

With information from: Infobae