Images of women in bikinis who are famous, and over 40!

These celebrities show that women in their forties can be better than two out of twenty. Look at the images of these women in bikinis and vote.

Before, if a girl was told “forty”, it was worse than any other offense; that has changed, in part because the famous that today are that age do not let themselves be small palated by the number on the candle of their cake.

For something they say thatforty is the new thirty, No? We clarify that the age that we put in front of each celebrity corresponds to the moment of publication of this note.

After seeing these images of famous women over 40 in bikinis, being called “40-year-old” will be a compliment!

  • Mary Méndez (Fortysomething)
  • Paula Andrea Betancur (47)
  • Carolina Cruz (Turns 40 this year)

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