«I’m made a claw»: Alejandra Azcárate confessed that she lost weight

“I am made a claw”: Alejandra Azcarate confessed that bHe lost weight drastically in recent months, apparently due to the situation he faced.

The controversial Colombian actress and comedian does not stop being a trend in social networks, because after her reappearance after the scandal for the seizure of more than half a ton of cocaine in Providencia, transported in a small plane belonging to a company in which her husband, Miguel Jaramillo, appeared as legal representativeand after closing his official Twitter account apparently due to the bullying he received there, in recent days he has been having more interaction with his followers and has even agreed to answer various concerns (related to this unusual topic), with which It has generated quite a bit of controversy.

This was done last Wednesday through a dynamic of questions through Instagram stories. There, she not only talked about her legal situation and that of her husband or the difficult days she had experienced, because she also sent a clear answer to those who wanted to make fun of what had happened to her.

“I am made a claw”: Alejandra Azcárate confessed that she lost a lot of weight

One of the first questions she received was whether she was innocent or not, to which she bluntly replied:

“In life in general I don’t sin because I’m innocent, I think I’m a pretty shrewd woman. Now if you are referring to the other matter, I am not a procedural subject, in fact neither is my husband, so not only am I innocent, we both are.”

Later, another user asked her if she had separated or divorced her husband, Miguel Jaramillo, something that she answered by assuring that this situation made her realize the great person she has by her side.

“No, I have not separated from my husband, it is not true. Nor do I have the slightest intention. In fact, I am more convinced than ever that I want to continue sharing my life with him because I know what a wonderful man I have. ”

Later, another of his followers wanted to know what his current weight was, which he replied by implying that the embarrassing scandal of the drug plane, the attacks he was the target of and the hard times he experienced made him lose several kilos in record time.

“Normally, I’m around 60 kilos. I measure 1.78. But now I think I’ll be at 55 kilos, maybe. I’m made a claw «

Finally, the comedian could not ignore the malicious message of an Internet user, who asked her «do you have a parakeet?», so with all the humor and sagacity she replied:

«yes of course! I have the best. I present it to you, it’s called ‘guaymaral’” (referring to the airport where the drug was loaded from the plane.

It should be noted that right there she was surprised by the support she has received from her friends and colleagues in the media and thanked them for so much.

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