I’m beautiful? Quiz to find out

It is not only about the physical, there are perceptions that make up the answer, that is why we bring for you «I’m beautiful? quiz to find out.” Meet him!

The person that some find beautiful, others find unattractive or without any special charm. So the important thing in this case -speaking of beauty- is that you give yourself a good grade and then use the possibilities that makeup offers you to make the most of the qualities it possesses.

Test to find out how pretty you are

Do you consider yourself beautiful and irresistible? You have the answer by answering the following questions:

1 Do you feel that everyone looks at you when you walk down the street?

a) Yes, always

b) When I’m dressed up they don’t take their eyes off me

c) No, never

2 Do you like to go out with makeup, and with varied hairstyles?

a) Sure, I find it super fun to put on makeup and do my hair before going out

b) If I have time, why not?

c) No, it seems like a waste of time

3 How do you consider yourself?

a) Not to brag but… pretty pretty

b) Depends on the day, like everyone else

c) Honestly, I don’t think it’s very sexy

4. People always say about me:

a) That I am very pretty, but they never tell me directly

b) They usually tell me I’m pretty

c) People don’t talk about my physique

5 What do your co-workers think of you?

a) They see me as an example to follow because I am always impeccable

b) Sometimes they like the way I dress

c) They always pay attention to how I dress and I combine the colors

6 How would you define your personality?

a) Outgoing, I like to go out and meet people

b) On certain occasions I go out with friends and have a little fun

c) Introverted, I don’t talk to anyone about my personal life, only what is necessary

7Do you consider yourself a happy girl?

a) Yes, everyone says that I am very cheerful and I am always making plans

b) Again, it depends on the day, it is impossible to be happy every day.

c) Not much, I’m not one to laugh and it’s hard for me to open up to people.

8 What importance do you give to your physique?

a) I know it’s not everything but I love taking care of it, we only have one body

b) The fair, each one is as it is, I know when something favors me, but it does not obsess me.

c) None, people are only valued on the inside.

9 Do you exercise?

a) Almost every day, it is essential to be 100% healthy

b) Of course whenever you can, you have to take care of yourself

c) Not even an earthquake moves me from the sofa

10 Do you think you are always in fashion?

a) If I am always at the forefront of fashion.

b) I try to do it but sometimes it is very expensive to get it

c) No, because being fashionable is very expensive

Interpretation of the results Am I pretty? Quiz to find out

Depending on your answers to the previous questions you will be able to have a clearer idea for know if you are pretty or not so pretty.

Majority A’s: You know how to take advantage of yourself, and it shows, one of the most beautiful girls in the place, you don’t have difficulties when it comes to getting ready, you see it as something easy and fun, you don’t worry about being with people, or throwing a cable from time to time , thus adding points of beauty but this time inside. Keep it up!

Majority of B: You are a normal girl, whenever you have a good day you can be the prettiest at the party, however when you are somewhat “fashionable”, and radiant is not your priority, you are a normal girl, who sometimes is not too much, you know what is done and when you feel like it, there is no one to stop you.

Most of C: If you are not prettier it is because you have not proposed it, you feel complex, and you see how the other girls enjoy a prettier face or a more stylized body, however, you do not try to take advantage of it either, you are not ugly, you simply have to focus a little more in your beauty, learning “make up” techniques, catching up on exercise, and ultimately pampering yourself as you deserve. So once you start taking care of yourself, you will score a lot of points in this test.

Remember that it is not about the perceptions of others your beauty is unique and each one keeps a special characteristic that will be strengthened with your attitude and the way you work it.

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