Illegal puppy trade scam

Hamburg, June 23, 2021 – Around a year and a half after the start of the corona pandemic, the illegal puppy trade is still booming. In the search for a puppy, interested parties fall for criminal dealers again and again. The dubious online ads by the perpetrators are hardly recognizable as such. explains the perfidious tricks and gives important tips for finding a pet.

Of course, buyers are responsible for where they buy their animal: From an animal welfare point of view, visiting an animal shelter is the first choice

and without question preferable to buying through an online platform. Nevertheless, it is not expedient to criticize buyers or even to publicly insult them if they have acquired a puppy from an illegal trade – usually out of ignorance. Because most online advertisements do not provide any information as to whether they were posted by reputable or criminal providers. Ads are often designed with cute pictures and extensive – albeit false – information. Some illegal traders also copy

the texts of reputable breeders or use image and video material from other dogs. When they are handed over in parking lots, in backyards or in specially rented apartments, they often use the Corona crisis as an excuse – also for not being able to see the mother animal. Interested parties quickly fall into a merciless trap on site: once you have a puppy in your arms, pity usually wins despite the bad feeling in your stomach