If your boy does these things, don’t get your hopes up, he doesn’t want anything serious.

Most women are looking for a stable relationship and when it all starts with a boy, it is expected that at any moment things will get serious, but this often does not happen. Why?

He doesn’t introduce you to his family

Your boy does not have the slightest interest in taking you home, when he attends family events alone, in addition to taking you home only when he is alone, this is a clear sign that he does not want anything serious, He’s just having a good time with you and enjoying the moment.

He doesn’t want you to meet his friends

When he has parties or meetings with his friends, it does not cross his mind to invite you, even on some occasions he does not tell you that he is going out. In addition to that, he does not seek to involve you in his social circle and fears that they will be seen together, because he knows that this courtship will soon end, do not get entangled. He really doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

Doesn’t post anything with you on social media

Avoid putting a profile picture with you on your WhatsApp or uploading one on your Instagram, much less posting a romance status on Facebook or at least tagging yourself in a meme. It is a clear sign that it will not last long with you and we know that everyone does not like to be publishing things about their intimate life, but not once, that is impossible, don’t believe in that.

Does not plan for the future

He is not worried about which direction his relationship is going, so he decides not to make any kind of plan with you, not even in the short term, much less in the long term. He knows that his future by your side is uncertain and unknown, and when you touch the topic of any plan you have for you, avoid the conversation at all costs.

Girls, you already know about these signs, do not be fooled. These are true proofs that this boy wants many things except a serious relationship, so you decide to stay or walk away. Do not forget to share on your social networks, your friends will surely appreciate it.

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