If you went wrong in the photo of the ID, this is the truth (Video)

Have you ever wondered why we look so ugly in the photographs of documents such as the pass, the identity card, passport and any other type of card?

Almost no one is satisfied with their photo in any type of document, we can tell you that we do not know anyone who turns out well. Neither in the passport, nor in the driver’s license, etc. No matter how hard you try, comb your hair and put on a little makeup, you always get the same result.

Thus, the only possible solution is to hide our identification in the depths of our wallet, so that no one dares to look at it and make fun of it.

Surely after watching this video you will discover the culprit.

Note: To see this video with subtitles in Spanish you must click on settings and then select the language.

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Taken from Upsocl