If a man isn’t looking for you, don’t look for him!

Although you can’t wait, that you feel that the desire to talk to him overcomes you, If a man doesn’t look for you, don’t look for him, Here we will tell you why.

Beyond the love we may feel for someone, there are biological reasons why human beings feel sad when they ignore us.

We are social beings, who have complex social relationships, and we are programmed to feel good when we are accepted by others and bad when they reject us.

5 reasons why a man is not looking for you

And if the person who does it is our partner, we can literally feel our hearts crumble to pieces. Understanding the reasons does not cure a broken heart, but it helps. if he doesn’t look for you It is because surely one of the following reasons is happening:

1. You are not the only one

Sorry, friend, but… Realize it! It may be that without knowing it you are sharing your boy with one or several other women, and you may not be his priority.

2. He thinks you are too much for him

Perhaps he has idealized you or has simply noticed that they are uneven in key aspects of life, such as money, studies or culture; He prefers to disappear than face you and accept that he feels less than you.

3. Do not trust yourself

«Jealousy, damn jealousy.» Yes ma’am, just as you read it. Some guys prefer to walk away, to see if leaving you alone you go with someone else. Yes, we already know that it is silly, but that is preferable to a jealous aggressive and controlling.

4. He no longer wants to be with you

Men, in general, are not very good at finishing, as they prefer to avoid tears and scenes, so they prefer to walk away little by little until things cool down on their own, without drama or confrontation.

5. The last of the reasons why you should not look for a man if he does not look for you: You bore him

I know it sounds horrible but hasn’t it happened to you too with some men? This can happen when they start to get to know each other better and the novelty of passion wears off; maybe he realized that they don’t have much in common.

Of course this also happens on the part of girls, but generally we have more emotional intelligence and say what we feel and need; with them sometimes you have to guess.

Why would a man look for you if he doesn’t love you?

We could say that his interest is only sex, however several cases have shown that the game of flirting without real interest is what often keeps his ego alive. You can learn more about him and play too, of course, without hurting him or getting hurt

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