Identify a Prince – Vibra

This trend was born on Facebook in which the word prince is given a feminine touch, generating ridicule among users.

How are the princes?

Technically they are good men, loving with their girlfriends and/or wives and very accommodating as long as they have their beloved woman by their side.

But in social networks they have made fun of this word, making it known that they are men who will always be with their girlfriends who mistreat them and who never love them and keep them as slaves.

After the active life of social networks, the Princes became fashionable, leading them to be totally controlled by beaten women and men.

A weird version of the Princes has recently come out where they manipulate women and say they are not slaves.

How to Identify a Prince:

1. Serves his beloved at every whim
2. He loves her and would never cheat on her
3. You should always consult it before doing any activity
4. He will never disrespect a woman
5. She will endure any humiliation done by her or a friend of her partner
6. He will never respond to any love deception
7. He will always be there when called

Conclusion: The Prince is a fashion made on the basis of ridicule to those who are called princesses and it is a passing fad.

Taken from Taringa