I am Betty, the ugly one or Pedro the scaly one, which one are you going to see?

Colombian television has been affected by the pandemic, so Snail and RCN compete with retransmissions, and which one are you going to see,I am Betty the Ugly or Pedro the Flaky?

The channels have made great productions and their retransmission is a successespecially this year when no new productions were recorded.

Canal Caracol currently owns the rating with its productions Passion of Gavilanes and Rafael Orozco.

While Canal RCN presents the story of Diomedes Diazhis best program in the night slot.

Given the news that Canal Caracol will broadcast Pedro el escamoso, RCN announced that I am Betty, the ugly one, she will return to the small screen.

Good news for fans of the Betty story, though. others think that it is good enough to repeat this novel again.

RCN is a disgrace. To repeat again, after several repetitions Ugly Betty because Caracol is coming with Pedro el Escamoso and is going to make them suffer, as usual in recent years.

– Diego M. (@DiegomandoMar) September 22, 2020

Literally the TV productions in Colombia this year were stopped for a long time, that’s why they are repeating soap operas. Now, I can see Betty on Netflix without commercials and at my own pace.

— Meredith (Mrs. Bushido) and 🐻🤨 #LMS20 #YA5 (@FPolispedia_20) September 22, 2020

noo that mamera, better that the victorinos repeat, the original Claro with Ramiro Meneses. that was good

— CAMNICA1049 (@camnica1) September 23, 2020

I am Betty the Ugly or Pedro the Flaky

I am Betty the Ugly one

peter the scaly

Canal Caracol surprised viewers and Miguel Varoni, since “Pedro el escamoso” is not on the list of the most watched productions.

The cards are already on the table and the only thing missing is the schedule in which these productions will be broadcast, which one are you going to see?