Humberto Vélez was once again the voice of Homer Simpson in Spanish

the recognized Humberto Vélez was once again the voice of Homer Simpson in Spanish after 16 years of having left the dubbing of the series.

For many in Latin America, The Simpsons stopped being the same as of season 16, after the departure of the iconic Mexican dubbing actor Humberto Vélezwho gave life to Homer J. Simpson and was in charge of the dubbing direction of the series in general.

And it is that since the launch of the first chapter of this successful series in 1987, Vélez not only characterized the dysfunctional family man, since he had under his command a select list of dubbers who with great talent They gave each figure a particular personality and made cultural adaptations with which many Latinos do not feel identified.

But unfortunately, due to a union dispute between the actors and the dubbing company that translated the language of the show, the Fox network (owner of the series at the time) took their product to another company where the voices of the characters were substituted.

Since then The Simpsons were no longer the same, because For many, the essence of each character was lost and the nods to our culture and our jargon disappeared.

Humberto Vélez returned to be the voice of Homer Simpson after 16 years

For 15 years this was the case and each time seasons were released in less time. However, recently the series left its fans completely speechless with a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

well recently Disney (current owner of the series) merged Loki (from the MCU) with The Simpsons in the new special short film entitled «The good one, the Bart and the Loki», in which the cartoons pay homage to the famous Marvel series that is being seen on Disney Plus. But the surprise there is that the original voices of the cartoons were signed again, Humberto playing Homero, Patricia Acevedo in the voice of Lisa and Claudia Motta Like Bart’s voice.

This of course filled the fans with a lot of emotion and nostalgia, who after the release of the short invaded the networks with hundreds of comments about it, in which they hope that this change will be permanent.

It should be noted that although it is not confirmed, various media have assured that this dubbing will not only be in the short, but also in the new season. Let’s hope so!

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