How to wear the eighties jeans that are in fashion?

In all clothing stores you will find eighties jeans this season, but how to combine them correctly in your outfit? Here we show you.

After a long reign of elastic or «lycrate» jeans (the ones we call here stretch) return over there since the 80s rigid jean pantsthose who do not yield an inch.

A very eighties look but that has its science, you can’t just copy the looks of those years

This is how eighties jeans are combined

Follow these tips to look very fashionable with this garment:

  • Your rigid jeans should be slightly baggy
  • Preferably they should be ripped (moderately) at the knees and thighs
  • Try to mark your figure with a belt
  • Dress inside the pants only the front part of the blouse, shirt or T-shirt
  • Always fold the boot of these jeans, in such a way that your ankles are visible
  • Combine them with very feminine heels or flats.

To look very chic with them, copy the looks we chose for you, adapting them to your own characteristics, you will look very fashionable!

Badly combined, those jeans look terrible, because you will look like a granny or aunt who has just traveled back in time..

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With information from: stylecraze