How to walk in heels without hurting your feet?

Many girls have asked us «how to walk in heels without hurting your feet», that’s why we set ourselves the task of putting together the best tips, here…

Heels are super sensual and elegant, that’s why many girls like to wear them, even if our feet hurt or we get tired of walking with them; To avoid this, we got you some great tips.

How to walk in heels without hurting your feet?

Put your shoes in the fridge: Store overnight in bottom of refrigerator in resealable bag; when you put them on you will notice how they mold more easily to the curves of your feet.

Walk with a straight back: The posture with which you walk is key to not getting tired when you wear heels. Don’t slouch, stick out your chest, tuck in your belly and lift your tail, so you’ll walk without so much exhaustion.

Put band-aids where it hurts: When you wear this type of footwear, carry band-aids up and down, not only the ones you put on in the morning, but also spare ones in case you get size points during the day.

Alternate with flat shoes: If you walk in high heels but you have to walk a lot or on battered sidewalks, wear flats, low-top shoes or tennis shoes for walking; then you change and that’s it.

Hydrate your feet: Calluses can cause you a lot of pain if you don’t have them well filed; A good option is to moisturize the soles of your feet very well with cream, especially those areas that usually hurt, so the friction will be less and you will get less tired.

Try these recommendations and tell us how it goes!

If you have any tricks or secrets so you don’t get tired of high heels, share it in the comments of our fan page!

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