How to take care of long hair? VibraTips

Many girls wonder how to take care of long hair to keep it shiny and not have to cut it. Here, the answer…

have a long, healthy and beautiful hair it is the dream of many girls; unfortunately it is a dream that is interrupted if we are forced to cut it when it begins to look like fique.

Vibratips: How to take care of long hair

  • Uses natural fiber brushes and combs: Like bamboo or wood, as these materials break less hair fibers than plastic.
  • comb it well: Grab small strands and untangle them with small movements, starting at the ends.
  • Don’t wash it dailythat way you keep its natural oils.
  • wash it properly: After wetting it, smear your scalp until it foams and massage with your fingertips. Forget the ends unless your hair is really dirty.
  • Use a intensive moisturizing treatment once a week, but only from mid-lengths to ends.
  • Don’t towel dry, but with a cotton t-shirt. Roll it up until it stops dripping. That will prevent frizz.
  • If you do the blower, do not make the hair dryer very hot, and always blows air downward, never sideways; that way you will seal the hair cuticle.
  • Use a product that protects it from heat when you iron, which should not be at too high a temperature.
  • When you grab it, do it with hair implements that do not mistreat it.

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With information from: Luxy Hair