How to take care of a rabbit, this is what you should know

Having this little pet as a pet has become very common, so we give you some advice on what you should know about how to take care of a rabbit.

Animals not only provide us with company, they are capable of so many things to make us feel good. However, today many people have left dogs and cats behind, to become fanatical about having a rabbit as a pet. That is why by taking the necessary measures, it will be very easy for this little animal to adapt to living with you and have a healthy and long life.

How to take care of a rabbit at home

The first thing you should do when purchasing a rabbit is, without a doubt, take it to the vet for a general check-up and to give you peace of mind that your new pet is in perfect condition. Once he has vaccinated, is dewormed and you are sure that he is fine, it is time to take him home and pay attention to him.

How to take care of my rabbit’s teeth

This species has a peculiarity and that is that its teeth grow permanently. So they have to gnaw all the time to wear them down and avoid problems at home. This is the reason why hay must be included in the diet of rabbits, as well as wood and in some cases cardboard.

Ideally, you can also brush your rabbit’s teeth with a special toothbrush to maintain good oral hygiene. However, the toothpaste cannot be the one you use every day, it must be a special one for rabbits or rodents.

what can a rabbit eat

It is vital for your bunny to lead a healthy life and everything starts from his diet. For this reason, in the keys to knowing how to take care of a rabbit, you should include clean water in its diet and you should try to keep it fresh, fresh hay, homemade food such as cereals, vegetables or fruits, and also include snacks or treats for rabbits that you must administer in a measured way so that your pet does not gain weight.

How to bathe a rabbit

Ideally, you should not bathe your rabbit, as they spend a lot of time grooming themselves. What you should do is brush it regularly so that it has a beautiful coat. In this way, you will not only prevent knots from forming, but also hairballs from forming in the stomach that can be deadly for rabbits. Teach your little one to let himself be brushed since he was a baby so that he sees it as a way in which you pamper him.

Tips for keeping a rabbit cage clean

Your rabbit’s cage should be as large as possible, you can create it with rods and a special floor for your pet, a wide door, a bed, a drinker, a feeder, a hay cup and a toy. The ideal is that your rabbit has an optimal space to live and obviously it should always be clean so that it enjoys its home and also to avoid health problems.

exercises for rabbits

Rabbits are animals that have to do a lot of exercise, so even if the cage seems big, you have to take it out for several hours so that it can run freely. A good recommendation is that you establish a deep bond with your new pet, so when playing you can spend hours with the little one or even create circuits where he finds pieces of food every time he overcomes an obstacle.

should i sterilize my rabbit

The most advisable thing is that you can castrate or sterilize your pet, it is a simple operation and will favor the life of your rabbit. Unless you are a rabbit breeder, performing this surgery on them will prevent or at least greatly reduce the occurrence of cancer in both males and females. Also, if you have a rabbit that has had many babies, she may have a uterine abruption, which means an emergency. Operating them will also help eliminate aggressive behaviors during heat.

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