How to strengthen affective ties with our children?

Discover how you can work on strengthening emotional ties with your children in your day to day life.

One of the most frequently asked questions among parents is how to strengthen emotional ties with children? Building fluid communication and a moment of connection with our children is as important for parents as it is for the development of children.

I have been researching the subject and have invited Patricia Triana, Director of the Casa de los Niños María Montessori Kindergarten; psychologist, philosopher and teacher in education to know what we can do and what we must take into account so that in our family day to day we can strengthen affective bonds.

Take advantage of everyday tasks to connect with children

Patricia tells us that the rush of modern life leads us to become task achievers and in that saturation of obligations we forget to spend quality time with our children. To begin with, we can integrate our children in some day-to-day tasks, how about preparing the table for dinner together? Instead of giving our child a tablet, we integrate them into these types of tasks that can become fun and allow us to connect and link the child to our day to day. When children are involved in these small tasks they feel important, they learn new things and have shared with their parents.

Play to connect and not just entertain

Being with the mind of the child, in his world seems very difficult, but if we propose it, it consists of letting ourselves be carried away by our children and allowing them to be the ones who direct the game and their imagination to be the engine of the game. In our quest to strengthen affective ties, we usually think that we should do sophisticated activities for our children, but they are discovering the world and games as simple as looking for shapes in the clouds is already a fun activity for them, and it is also an activity that will not allow a deeper connection with them.

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