How to sow long onion in a two by three

This is the easiest way you can learn how to plant long onion to have in your garden.

If you are starting to create your own garden at home, the long onion is definitely one of those plants that you must have. That is why here we are going to explain to you in the simplest way how you should grow this vegetable that will serve you for many preparations of your meals.

How to sow long onion at home

This planting method has been used with very good results, as you can even use it to plant long onions in large quantities. All you have to do is follow the instructions below to enjoy a very good harvest.

How to plant long onion: Choose the right branch

The first thing you have to do is buy a fresh onion on the branch and remember that the more root it has, the better it will be.

A pot to plant

The next thing you have to do is choose a pot where you will put your plants to grow. Remember that the pot should not be very deep, but it should have moist soil with fertilizer and loose with some stones to prevent it from compacting and from the creation of fungi or rotting of the roots.

time to farm

Then you have to remove the lower part, leaving a little stem and root, then you must make a circular hole with a depth according to the length of the stem, since it should not be covered by soil. Once you have your pot full, water the surface of the earth and place it in a place where the sun reaches it, but not directly.

Enjoy your long onions

This vegetable reproduces without much care, so it is always good to have it in your garden, the only thing you have to take care of is that the soil stays moist and clean the space of other parasitic plants or pests. The best thing is that when your onion plants grow, you can repeat the process again and be planting.

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