How to resume exercise at age 30?

Many of us are worried about reaching this age, because we believe that we are not capable of recovering our physical state, also that the attractiveness fades with the passage of time, but there is always an option.

When you reach this age you feel better than ever. You don’t even understand how you could care so much about what your coworkers thought, how to dress for family dinners, or how badly your neighbor looked at you. But not only have you managed to take control of your mind, you have also mastered your body: “At age 30, intellectual and physical abilities are at their peak, not to mention powerful self-awareness!”explains the personal trainer Fito Florensatechnical director of KOA Center.

That said, we warn you that from this moment on your metabolism will slow down but, among us, this decline is more related to the amount of muscle mass than to age, therefore, you can reverse the situation with exercise. .

The list of disciplines recommended by our expert ranges from outdoor activities –such as running and triathlon– to high-intensity interval methods –such as HIIT or Tabata–going through more explosive sports, such as volleyball or tennis.

“Choose the one you like best, enjoy and channel stress. You may even experience some risk! You are prepared for everything”, Add. Of course, common sense and patience above all, do not believe a Muguruza if the last time you ran was doing the Cooper’s test at school.

“Keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle may have taken its toll on you, perhaps you have more fat than you should, you suffer from muscle and joint shortening or your heart is poorly trained. So evaluate your starting point before taking any chances.”Florensa recommends.

In addition, if you have made your debut as a mother (Spanish women do so at the average age of 31, according to the National Institute of Statistics), you should adapt your sports sessions, but never put them on hold (unless it is a medical recommendation). Yes, we already know, you don’t even have time to prepare the sandwich that you are going to eat standing up and at full speed, but you must make an effort to find the space to pamper yourself.

Taken from Womenshealth