How to properly breastfeed a baby

If you have doubts about how to properly breastfeed a babyHere are some tips that will be of great help to you.

If you are a new mom or still have some doubts about how to breastfeed your baby in the right way, here are some wonderful tips that you will surely love. In addition, you can put them into practice to see if they feel more comfortable with your baby.

Positions for breastfeeding the baby

One of the most common positions is the cradle position, which you should do is hold the baby between your arms with the head resting in the crook of the arm and the baby’s nose in front of the nipple. Then you should use your hand to support the baby’s bottom and turn him on his side, so that the baby’s abdomen is in contact with yours. Then you should lift the baby up to your chest so that he can support his chest with the other hand.

Another very good option to breastfeed the baby is the side-lying position, it is a comfortable position for mothers who have had a caesarean section because the baby does not press on the mother’s abdomen. You should start by lying on your side with the baby next to you facing you, and then position the baby so that the baby’s nose is facing the nipple. You should then use your forearm to support the baby’s back or put a rolled blanket behind the baby to help position the child close to you and use your arm to support the head.

How do I know if my baby has a good latch?

There are three aspects that you must take into account to know if your baby has a good attachment, so you must take into account that his chin is in contact with your chest and that he can breathe perfectly through his nose. Also, that his mouth is wide open and that he has inserted a good part of the areola into it and not just the nipple. Finally, the latch should not be painful for the mother, but both should be comfortable.

How do I know if my baby is eating enough?

Signs that your baby is probably getting enough to eat are if he acts like this: he is alert and satisfied, gaining weight regularly but not excessively, feeding eight to twelve times a day. In addition, the diaper will always be a good indicator that the baby moves his belly two or more times a day and his stool looks like yellowish seeds. In general, this occurs after each feed for the first 4 weeks of life. However, after about a month, breastfed babies have fewer bowel movements, and many may not do so every day.

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