How to pluck eyebrows with a blade? follow this tutorial

It is a fundamental part of our face, with them we define our look and expressions. Pay attention to this tutorial that shows you how to pluck your eyebrows with a blade.

There are many different techniques for plucking your eyebrows: wax, epilator, threads, and of course the classic and trusty razor. Which technique you use depends on your skill and whether you wax yourself or leave this to professionals. This procedure is recommended for women who have very sparse eyebrows and good pulse, of course.

How to remove eyebrows with blade

The eyebrows comprise a large part of your face, and although their care seems tortuous, removing them with a razor can be a quick and efficient option, that is, with all the care and precautions. We do not want to have accidents and injuries to the face.

Watch the following tutorial below to learn how to do it without problems and like a professional. Make sure you don’t miss any details.

Recommendations on how to pluck eyebrows with a blade:

  • If your eyebrows are very bushy, thick and fast growing, it is not the best method for you
  • Pull your skin a little with the other hand to tighten it
  • Shave with short, smooth strokes
  • Let the blade cut thanks to its sharpness and not the force you make
  • Remember to change your eyebrow plucking blades frequently, as it can become filled with bacteria or oxidize

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