How to plant yucca and take care of it at home

If you want to learn the correct way to how to plant yucca at home, here we give you some tips that will surely be of great help to you.

Cassava is a food that is characterized by being widely used in different gastronomy preparations. That is why it enchants those who enjoy it and having your own planting at home is easier than you imagine, so take advantage of these tips.

How to plant yucca at home

If you want to enjoy all the properties and benefits of yucca, here we tell you what you must take into account so that your plantation is a success.

Plant the yucca plant

The recommended thing to do is planting by pieces of the cassava stem, which you must select with the largest number of sprouts, because from there you can only select those closest to the base of the stem. Then at a depth of about 6 to 10 cm you should put them in the ground and keeping a distance of 1 meter between each of the plants.

irrigation and soil

Cassava can grow in hot and dry climates but both the stem and the leaves need to be constantly watered to maintain moisture. However, remember that you should not overdo the water or flood the plant or they could be damaged. Remember that the soil must be mixed with fertilizers and free of any other plants or herbs.

Cassava harvest

Remember that yucca takes 6 or 7 months to grow, but once your plant has passed two months of life you will not have to take much care of it since it is quite grateful. You just have to be careful that weeds do not grow around it because this affects the growth of the yucca.

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