How to plant sunflowers in a pot, easy and fast!

if you want to learn how to plant sunflowers to make them look beautiful in your home, we tell you the easiest way to achieve it.

Sunflowers are flowers that enchant anyone not only because of their beautiful colors but also because of their meaning. That is why many people seek to have sunflowers at home and what better than achieving it with your own crop.

How to plant sunflowers at home

Remember that before you start you should keep in mind that sunflowers are very tall plants that can reach up to two meters or sometimes a little more. In addition, the sunflower does not branch but has a main stem from which the leaves are born and then the flower is given at the top.

First things first, the importance of light

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the place where you are going to place the pot is a balcony, a terrace or near a window with good exposure to the sun so that the plant stays healthy.

time to sow

Once you have selected the place where you are going to place the pot, which must be large, you have to fill it with soil mixed with a little gravel or expanded clay at the base, this in order to guarantee good drainage so that when any excess watering the plant will not suffer damage. Then you will have to put the plants next to each other leaving a space of 15 to 20cm, when they start to grow it is important that you help them with some support so that they do not break.

Caring for a potted sunflower

Potted sunflowers should be watered regularly, without exaggerating the amount of water so that the plant does not get waterlogged. In addition, you must be aware that weeds do not get close or else the flowers could be at risk and be affected. For everything else, this is a very grateful plant, so you will have no problem taking care of it and delight yourself with its beautiful flowers.

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