How to plant grapes in your own house?

if you want to learn how to plant grapes It is much easier than you imagine, just follow these practical tips.

Grapes are characterized by being small fruits but with a sweet flavor that makes them unmistakable. That is why they delight those who enjoy them and having your own crop at home is easier than you imagine, so pay attention to the tips that we will give you below.

How to grow grapes at home

If you want to enjoy these fruits that are normally consumed on a regular basis. Here we tell you what you must take into account so that your plantation is a success.

Choose the seeds well

A very good trick that few people know is that for your grapes to be the best, you must put the seeds in a glass of water and keep only the ones that float. Then, you have to wash the ones that have been selected very well and leave them to soak for 24 hours.

land and irrigation

Then you will have to choose a pot with the right soil, that is, of good quality to plant your seeds. Remember that you should leave about 3 to 4 centimeters between each one and then cover with a thin layer of soil. Then water so that it stays moist, but you should never flood it or the plant could be damaged.

Harvest time, the final step of how to plant grapes

The first shoots will start around the sixth or eighth week, so once they’ve grown more than 3 inches, you’re better off transplanting them into a much larger pot. When they reach 30 centimeters, it’s time to move them to your garden more or less in a hole that is 40 wide by 40 deep. It is important that for the grapes to grow correctly they have enough sun, good drainage and, above all, a support to lean on. Then you will enjoy this delicious fruit!

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