How to plant coriander at home to take advantage of it in your kitchen

If you want to grow this desired ingredient in the kitchen, here we tell you how to plant coriander to take advantage of its benefits.

Coriander is one of those plants that you should have in your garden yes or yes, because it can not only help eliminate infections due to its antimicrobial components. But it is also used to stimulate appetite, treat diarrhea, anemia and is a great source of calcium so it can improve bone health.

How to grow coriander at home

Really having coriander at home is very simple, the best thing is that it is a plant that does not need much attention and is very grateful. That is why here we give you some tips so that you can make the most of it in your garden.

Choose the right pot

The first thing you should do is choose the perfect pot to plant your coriander, remember that it must be large enough for the plant to grow without problems.

time to sow

Then you have to fill the pot with soil and include some stones so that it has good drainage. Also, put some fertilizer and water the soil with water so that it is moist. Next, you will need to gently put the seeds on top of the soil and cover them with a layer of soil.

Time for coriander to grow

Once you have it ready, you should put the pot in a sunny place since cilantro needs a lot of sun to grow. More or less within 7 to 10 days the seeds will germinate and you will see how your cilantro harvest begins to give results.

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