How to plant a bonsai? We teach you all the tricks

More and more gardening lovers want to know how to plant a bonsai to give a beautiful decoration to any space in your home and provide all the care you need.

Bonsai are one of the favorite plants to decorate because their size, shape and delicacy make them look beautiful wherever you put them. It is said that these small trees come from Japan and within that ancient culture, they represent abundance and good fortune, so it is very common to give them to people who start their life in a new home or start a business.

If you want to learn right now how to plant this plant at home or you dare to know the care of a bonsai, if you already have one, we share the most important information that you must take into account:

How to plant a bonsai step by step?

It’s time to get your hands dirty and start sowing. Pay attention to each of these steps, get everything you need ready and plant your own bonsai just like that:


  • A flower pot
  • A bonsai of your choice
  • Land
  • Water

Implements necessary

Time required

30 minutes

Estimated cost

$32,000 (COP)


Step 1. Choose

You must first know what type of bonsai you want to plant (ficus, olive, etc.). Also, keep in mind that the pot that will house the plant must have a wide mouth, with good drainage from the bottom and, of course, know that the soil you will need is one that is very loose.

Step 2. Line

Set up the pot and place a fine mesh screen over the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. At the same time, fix the wire making sure to enter it through the ends from the drainage holes, from the bottom up, this to prevent the trunk of the bonsai from moving when applying the soil.

Step 3. Sow

Remove most of the soil your tree came with and see if you need to cut the roots to fit comfortably in the pot. Place the plant inside the pot, gently secure the trunk with the wire and begin to put the soil, until it covers more than 3/4 of the container.

Recommendations for the care of the bonsai

  • Locate the pot outdoors, taking care that it receives direct sunlight and that it is well ventilated.
  • Water the Bonsai only when you see that the soil is slightly dry, with enough water to moisten it, not to wet it.
  • Prune its branches when you see that they extend too far outside the limits of the pot or when you see them very dry and in poor condition.

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