How to plant a bean and enjoy the harvest

if you want to learn how to plant a bean In the simplest way, here you will find the step by step to follow the letter.

Planting a bean is one of the simplest experiments that children can do and where they can see the life cycle of a plant in a simple way. In addition, planting a bean can go from being an experiment to becoming a harvest that you can later enjoy as a family during a delicious lunch.

How to plant a bean in cotton

Germination is a process by which a seed can develop into a plant. This is a perfect experiment for children where they will learn to know all the parts of the plant such as the roots, the stem, the branches, the leaves and in some cases the fruit.

It will also help children develop patience as they watch their plant grow little by little. The best thing is that they will develop a sense of love and respect for nature and encourage responsibility for caring for a living being. That’s why to start you will only need these materials: beans in good condition, a glass jar or container, cotton, water, tape, paper and a marker.

How to plant a bean in a glass with cotton

You must follow the steps that we give you below so that your bean planting is a success and you will soon see the results.

  1. The first thing you should do is put the cotton in the glass container, avoiding crushing the cotton.
  2. Then carefully place the beans in different parts of the jar, but avoid letting them go to the bottom.
  3. Afterwards, it will be the perfect moment to add water avoiding excess since all we want is to moisten the cotton.
  4. Once the cotton is ready, put a piece of paper stuck with the tape in the jar where you are going to write down the date in which they have put the bean. This way you can see the growth of your plant and monitor it day by day.
  5. Finally, remember that you have to put the glass container near a window so that it receives enough light.

Remember that after approximately 10 days you will see that your plants begin to sprout leaves. Once the bean plant has grown, it will be time to plant it in the ground, continue caring for it and see how it bears fruit.

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