How to overcome infidelity according to psychologists?

If you have decided to continue with your relationship despite the chunks, you should know how to overcome infidelity, because it takes more than simple will.

While the world rotates around the sun, which extinguishes its gas in an arm of the Milky Way, which in turn wanders through the Universe together with 39 other galaxies of the Local Group… Do you cry because of your bad luck in love?

Do you feel that the world is over (yes, the same one that is nothing compared to the cosmos) because you discovered some bits in your partner? Get over!

Easy, right? Well it’s not as easy as we thinkeven after becoming aware of how insignificant we are compared to existence.

Psychologists advise you how to overcome infidelity

an infidelity can be fatal for a couplebecause it is a blow to self-esteem, in addition, it can make us rethink our whole life: “love is not safe”, “that person is not who I thought”.

That is why experts recommend that, if you have already decided that you are going to continue with your partner after an infidelity, do not think that it is just a clean slate and that’s it. Help is needed.

And it is that you have to go through a process similar to any duel

1. Accept it

You must understand that what happened happened and the past cannot be returned, even if you cannot believe it, it is a fact, a reality, don’t try to pretend it didn’t happen.

2. Let off steam

To overcome something like this it is very important that you express all your emotions, even if they are negative, such as anger; it is not necessary that you do it with your partner, you can write it, for example. The important thing is to get it all out.

3. Try to understand

But not only understand what happened or why, but how it affects you, what your feelings are about it and what exactly hurts you: the betrayal, the lie, your pride…

4. Make a commitment to each other

This phase has two important aspects:

  • Changes: They must realize that things will never be the same again, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Patience: In things of the heart it is not easy to turn the page, there will be setbacks, moments in which one of the two wants to cut, but you have to have understanding with the feelings of the other, even if it is the one who has put the pieces.

5. Forgive

This does not mean acting as if nothing, but seeing your partner with different eyes, because now both of you have realized that they are not ideal beings, but fallible human beings, who make mistakes and want to repair them.

In any case, experts advise doing couple therapy for these cases.