How to open paths of prosperity. Prayers, meditation and magic rituals

Prosperity is defined as «good luck in what is undertaken», and to achieve it we can do white magic rituals and spells to open closed paths, as well as meditation. In the following report we will teach you how to do it, through prayers to open paths, meditations and many more secrets.

Open paths: what is it

Opening closed roads is a way of trying to do better in any aspect of life: love, work, economy, health, improve skills. Paths can be opened through prayers, meditation, white magic, among others.

Prayer to open paths

The rituals to open closed paths can be carried out through prayers, either in isolation or through triduums or novenas, that is, prayers that are performed for three or nine consecutive days. Among others, You can say a prayer to open paths to Saint George or Saint Cipriano. It is recommended to perform the prayers in the morning, in order to optimize the possibilities of opening paths throughout the day.

A prayer to open paths would be the following:

Faithful servant of God and martyr Saint George,

favored by Christ with the gift of great faith.

For your brave fight against the proud dragon,

lies and deception, I beg you for strength and tenacity

and open me new paths of prosperity in life.

I earnestly implore you to help me

through your intercession to overcome temptations

and may I patiently bear the cross that has been imposed on me. Amen.

How to open paths at work: White magic ritual


Life is full of difficulties, and more so today, in which we lead a fast pace of life that sometimes does not even let us take a breath. So we can carry out some ritual to open paths through white magic. There are many white magic rituals to open paths of prosperity, and you can easily find them in white magic books available in any bookstore or esoteric shops.

Magic Horoscope offers you one of the simplest rituals, consisting of taking a bath that fills you with power, purifies your mind and elevates your spirit. You will protect yourself from bad vibrations, and you will be able to open closed paths towards happiness and prosperity, abundance and in general what you want. It will be a good key if you are looking for how to open paths at work.

To do this, pour a liter of water into a saucepan, to which you will add 7 white rose petals, 7 drops of lavender oil, 7 basil leaves, 7 cinnamon sticks and also 7 coins, regardless of their value or origin.

Bring this to a boil, and once it has cooled, bathe in the resulting liquid, which will have an intoxicating smell. while you dovisualize what the path to prosperity is, and how you are going to open paths in all aspects of your life. Once the white magic bath is over, get rid of the remains by burying them in the garden, or in a pot. As for the coins, give them to a loved one, or to a person in need. Repeat this ritual to open paths for 7 days, as we already know that it is a magical number, loaded with symbolism.

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Eleggua or Eleguá: How to open paths in Cuban Santeria

Elegguá (also called Eleguá, Elegbá or Elewua) is an important Orisha within Cuban Santeria, and is the master of paths and crossroads; he is the one It will help us when it comes to opening paths, in particular of the 4 ways that form the cross by the union of the north with the south and the east with the west.

His messenger is the mouse, his colors are red and black (or black and white), and in Christianity it is syncretized with San Antonio de Padua or with the Santo Niño de Atocha; sometimes, too, with the legend of the soul alone.

In Santeria, Eleggua is the main messenger of Olofin and the intermediary between men and the Orishas. He holds the keys to the destiny of men, he opens and closes the paths to happiness or misfortune. It represents opportunity, luck, misfortune and death. ANDThis is the first, the most formidable and fierce group of Orisha warriors together with Oggun, Ochosi and Osun. After Obbatalá, he is the most powerful of the Orishas. His spells are reputed to be impossible to break. and has the ability to divine the future without using any tools.

Meditation to open paths


Meditation is something that we all need and that connects us with our spirituality. Through meditation too we can find out what our problems are and what are the paths we need to open.

Through meditation we can answer all the practical questions that arise in our lives and we will discover what posture we should adopt. Yes ok opening paths is linked to religions As we have already seen, with Christianity or Cuban Santeria, the truth is that meditation does not understand dogmas or beliefs, since it will be an equally valuable tool.

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