How to moisturize hair? Here we tell you

Nobody wants to have dry hair, that’s why every girl wonders how to moisturize hair without leaving it greasy. Get it done with these tips.

Although genetics affects the dryness of the hair, sometimes its natural balance is affected by bad hair habitsthat is, things that we ourselves do to our hair.

First of all, it is important to say that the hair has a layer of natural fat that gives it shine and texture soft, quite the opposite of the straw feeling that dry hair gives.

We tell you how to moisturize your hair

Did you know our hygiene habits remove the greasy coating natural hair and then we do not recover it? For this reason, experts give 7 tips that you must follow to have healthy and well-hydrated hair. Take note!

put creams

Just as you take care of your skin daily with moisturizer, in the same way you should do it with your hair. Use a hair moisturizer whose base ingredient is water and only from the middle to the ends.


Seal moisture within the hair strands with an oil such as shea butter, coconut oil, or avocado oil, but beware, only at the ends.


Cut your hair regularly, in this way you remove the split ends that, in addition to looking unhealthy, weaken your hair, since they are usually brittle.


Avoid overdoing the heat in your straightener and/or dryer, as its abuse damages the hair fibers at a molecular level.

Do not touch

Keep your hands out of your hair, as you may inadvertently break out some hairs.

When sleeping

Sleep with a fabric cap, hopefully satin, this way your hair will fluff up less, since it will not be electrically charged by the rubbing of the blankets. How about this trick to avoid frizz?

Apply hair masks

Finally, get used to doing weekly home treatments, such as a homemade avocado or aloe vera mask, in this way you will achieve deep hydration.

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