How to make your partner happy and without sacrificing your happiness?

You can only radiate happiness if you are also happy, that’s why we tell you how to make your partner happy you being happy

Being in love and in a relationship does not guarantee happiness at all; it is even popularly said that love brings happiness in one hand and pain in the other.

But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. While it’s true that relationships have to go through a lot of litmus tests, it doesn’t have to be a flood of tears.

We give you 5 tips on how to make your partner happy while you are happy

1. Give thanks

Sometimes living together makes us take for granted some everyday things that we really shouldn’t, such as giving thanks to the person who cooks or does the market.

2. Respect the spaces

A relationship is the intersection of two universes, not their overlap. If one of the two absorbs the other, he will be denying his individuality and that can end very badly for both.

That is why each one must have their own space in which the other cannot have a place and vice versa, whether it is their Thursdays with friends, video games, reading, courses, their cell phone (remember that you should never check your partner’s phone) , etc.

3. Share

It seems obvious, but believe it, some people who are not used to living together will not see any problem in ordering their dinner without even asking if their partner wants something. You have to learn to think of two, not one.

4. Turn off the cell phone

We know that at this time disconnecting from the cell phone is almost impossible, however, it is necessary for both of you to put it aside for a few hours a week to dedicate yourself exclusively to love.

5. Look each other in the eye

Sometimes we are so tired from day to day, working, doing chores, children… that we forget to look each other in the eye; and it is that this simple gesture automatically ignites empathy, love and desire in our instinct.

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