How to make simple and powerful homemade desserts

If you do not know how to make homemade desserts simple and that turn out to have a powerful and exquisite flavor, then here we share some recipes that are slow to die.

For some, the favorite moment in a meal is when dessert arrives. And it is that although many times we feel full, there will always be a space in the stomach for a sweet little sin that helps us digest. Regardless of whether you like desserts with a lot of sweetness, balanced flavors, sweet and sour, creamy or whatever, these recipes will make your mouth water.

We want to show you how to make delicious homemade cocadas and also some dessert preparations that won’t require you to be a tough cook:

How to make homemade desserts with few ingredients

Ready for action? The time has come for you to show your pastry skills and conquer the palate of your family and friends with world champion desserts:

Napoleon dessert

Not even Napoleon Bonaparte himself could resist this gastronomic delight. The sweet flavor of the cream that accompanies this preparation and the crispness of the cookies are an incredible mix that will be able to steal the heart of any guest.

Find here the way to make Napoleon dessert: very easy recipe to sweeten the day.


The grandmothers did have it clear to prepare this spongy, soft cake with an incomparable flavor. The good news is that you can also reach that master level by making shortbread because this recipe is delicious and very easy to cook.

We show you how to make shortbread with a recipe like the one Grandma used to make.

Pineapple dessert

In case intense but perfectly balanced flavors are your thing, this pineapple dessert is going to take your breath away. Its creaminess, elegance and easy preparation will be ideal for you to put into practice at the next dinner you make at home because you will get the applause of the whole family.

Here we will teach you how to prepare a dessert of pineapple, easy recipe for you.

How to make a delicious homemade dessert

roasted milk

To continue with those traditional desserts but with an incredible touch, we show you the roasted milk. This sweet that is offered in bakeries, cars on the roads of the country and specialized pastry shops, will be the best way to make those you love smile with each bite.

See here how to do roast milk, easy recipe to sweeten the heart.

stuffed donuts

In the best style of Homer Simpson, you can eat some fresh donuts with slow-killing fillings. Making them at home has zero complications and you can put condensed milk, hazelnut cream, arequipe or the sweet of your choice so that you fall into this unmissable sin.

We teach you here how to make stuffed donuts: recipe for a sweet sin.

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