How to make origami? Get it done in just a few steps

If you’ve been wondering lately how to make origami and you think it is very complicated, you should know that this ancient oriental technique is very simple and can become a real Hobbie.

Origami appeared in China in the 1st century but reached its peak in Japan, since from there this art, which consists of folding paper to assemble figures without using any additional implements, became famous throughout the world. Nowadays, there are even workshops that teach these techniques almost anywhere on the planet.

In case you are looking for how to make a collage or want to try to become origami hard, we share a couple of figures with their respective step by step so you can do it at home and have fun with your family:

How to make origami step by step

This is a very fun activity and it can be the best way to continue learning how to make crafts. We show you how to make a butterfly and the face of a dog in this ancient technique:

origami butterfly

Test yourself with this challenging figure and pay attention to each one of the folds that you must make to finish this beautiful butterfly. Look how simple it is:

Origami dog face

This is a much simpler figure. In just 5 basic folds you can get it done, don’t get lost and complete this fun origami challenge:

How did it go with these two figures, were you able to finish them? We also share an interesting article on how to make a lantern with cardboard, you can’t imagine how easy it is!