How to make lanterns? Light up Christmas in your house

There are things we should know in life and one of them is how to make lanterns This craft could get you out of trouble at the holidays or when decorating your home.

Maybe you are a lover of lighting candles and lanterns in December. You no longer have to keep buying lanterns or looking for designs that you later don’t like, because we are going to teach you how to do it at home, without spending almost any money and with the option of customizing it to suit you.

How to make a homemade lantern

It’s super easy and can be turned into an activity to do as a family! Prepare the materials, summon your children, cousins, parents or grandparents, and enjoy following this step by step:


  • A quarter sheet of cardstock
  • A quarter sheet of cellophane or tissue paper in your favorite color

Implements necessary

  • Rule
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Headband
  • glue
  • Silicone

Time required

10 minutes

Estimated cost

$3,700 (COP)

Procedure for making lanterns

Step 1. Trace

Take the cardboard and lay it out on a flat surface, then fold it in half. Now, with the help of the pencil and the ruler, measure 2 cm along one of the sides of the cardboard and completely trace that horizontal line. Finally, on the line you drew, mark each centimeter with a dot, and repeat the latter at the bottom of the same face of the cardboard, tracing the vertical lines to join them.

Step 2. Cut

With the help of scissors, cut from the bottom end to the edge of the horizontal line, each of the vertical lines.

Step 3. Paste

Unfold the cardstock and spread the cellophane across the bottom (opposite the one you used to graph the lines) and tape it down to cover the entire bottom of the cardstock. Turn the cardboard over again (the part of the lines should be on top) and apply glue to one of the lateral ends (the narrowest) and adhere it to the other end, at this moment you should have a kind of cylindrical shape.

Step 4. Assemble

Now, it’s time to assemble the base of the lantern. For this, stand the lantern on another piece of cardboard and stick it with the help of silicone, taking care to adhere well. Let it dry for a moment and cut the excess with scissors to leave the lantern with only the circular base of the size you need. Done, you already have your lantern to put a candle inside or use as an ornament in any space in your house!

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