How to make green beans, a recipe worth preparing!

In case you still don’t know how to make green beansit is time for you to venture to prepare them because they are delicious and will conquer the palate of your family.

Although you think that you have never seen these beans in your life, surely you have because they are of two species: those that come in the shell or those whose grain is really green. In both cases, they can be easily prepared, but it is more common to see recipes with the shell bean, whose ball turns out to be a wine-red color or speckled with white. Do not worry in any case because its cooking does not vary from the general formula that you already know.

If you want to learn the best Colombian cuisine recipes that are pure seasoning or you are interested in preparing green beans and surprising your guests with their rich flavor, then we will tell you what their secret formula is:

how green beans are made

It’s your time to bring out that quoted chef in you! Get the ingredients you need ready, put on your apron and have fun preparing these well-loaded little beans, following a very easy recipe that will make your guests want to repel the pots:

Preparation time45 minutesCooking time 45 minutesCategoryMajorCookingColombianKeywordsHot, salty, foodFor how many people4 to 6PortionMediumCalories152Fat7.89 g


  • 700 grams of shell beans
  • A green banana chopped into small pieces
  • Two diced tomatoes
  • 1/4 of squash diced
  • One big onion, diced
  • 4 long onion stalks finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves finely minced
  • Coriander finely chopped
  • Oil
  • Salt


Step 1. Cook

The first thing is to remember to have washed the bean with water; this variety does not need a soak as usual. Put the beans in the express pot, add the chopped green plantain, the pumpkin, the big-headed onion, the garlic and enough water to cover them. Add salt to taste and mix everything. Cover the pot and let them cook for half an hour over medium high heat.

Step 2. Make sofrito

In a pan, add the chopped long onion stems, along with the oil, garlic and tomatoes, stirring to allow them to release their flavor for a few seconds and until the tomato removes its water. Add salt to your liking, mix and reserve this stew for the moment in which you must merge it with the beans.

Step 3. Mix

Open the pressure cooker and check if the beans are already soft and thick. If they are not, let them cook for a few minutes but if they look good, add the stew you made in the previous step. Mix everything very well so that the flavors integrate perfectly and let them cook for another 4 or 5 minutes over low heat so that the stew releases all its power. It will be time to serve the beans so top each portion with cilantro to your liking. Remember that you can accompany them with rice, avocado, fried ripe plantains or whatever you want. Bon Appetite.

Did you miss any details of this homemade recipe? Don’t worry, that’s why we share with you an explanatory video with the step by step of this preparation so that you can learn it by heart and replicate it right away:

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