How to make gift bags quickly and easily

how to make gift bags can get you out of trouble to deliver that special detail and here we give you a step by step so you can learn.

Whether it’s for a birthday, love and friendship, a baby shower or Christmas, knowing how to make gift bags will always be a good option. Many times when we already have the gift we do not know how to pack it and this is also part of making it look nice. That is why in this step by step you will find a very simple way to create your bags with special meaning.

How to make gift bags step by step

Personalize your gift with a nice bag, the best thing is that you don’t need a lot of materials and you can let your creativity run wild. Let’s do it!


Implements necessary

Time required

10 minutes

Estimated cost

$1,000 (COP)


1. Mark, first step to make your gift bags

You are going to take the sheet of paper or cardboard, the material of your choice, horizontally and you are going to lightly mark the two ends of the fold. This in order to give you an idea of ​​where the center is located.

2. Fold

Then extend the sheet and fold half in half on both sides again, here you must mark the fold to make your gift bags well.

3. Paste

Then you must mount one part of the leaf on the other and using the white or stick glue, you have to stick the leaf. Let it dry for a few minutes.

4. Assemble, basic step of how to make gift bags

Then fold at the bottom where you should have a rectangle approximately 5cm wide. Then unfold and insert the two ends to shape the gift bag, mark the edges and fold the top side past the center, then do it with the bottom and put glue on the four corner triangles.

5. Finish

Then on both sides make a double, then you have to open the gift bag, organize its shape and define how high you want it to be. Add a ribbon or whatever details you want to decorate and give this special bag a unique style.

If you want to follow the exact step by step, here is a video to make it much easier to learn how to make your gift bags:

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