How to make flowers in cardboard? It has zero complications

Continuing with the craft lessons, we want to teach you how to make flowers in cardboardan ornament that you can use in social gatherings or simply to beautify your room.

Surely you want to learn things that can be useful to you at any time, such as how to make a letter envelope? Going to our class again, cardboard is one of the materials that allows you to develop creativity the most and that is why it is our guest in this tutorial.

How to make flowers out of cardboard

Get your supplies ready and take a few minutes to distract yourself with this easy way to make a super cool ornament.


Implements necessary

Time required

5 minutes

Estimated cost

$1,500 (COP)


Step 1. Fold

Lay your cardstock out on a flat surface and fold it in half. Then fold vertically in half again two more times. You should be left with a thin vertical rectangle. Finally, open your cardboard and fold with reference to the folds that you see on your paper like an accordion, to finally make another fold in the center of the rectangle.

Step 2. Cut

Position your cardstock with the accordion folds facing up and use scissors to cut the top edge of all the folds into a petal shape. Turn the figure over and do the same procedure with the lower part.

Step 3. Paste

Put glue on the top of your fold and glue with the bottom half. Take another cardboard and do all the process that you have carried up to here. Now put glue on the two pieces and join them. You should get a double glued accordion.

Step 4. Extend

Fully extend your accordion and glue it end to end so that it forms the shape of flower petals. Cut out a circle of cardboard of another color and glue it in the center to be the button and your cardboard flower will be completely ready.

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