How to make delicious and fluffy shortbread

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if you want to learn how to make shortbread in a simple but delicious way to surprise your family, here we present several options.

The shortbread is a typical sweet that is very good to consume at any time of the day, you can learn to make it in a simple way. The best thing is that your family and friends will love it while you prepare it in no time.

colombian shortbread

The Colombian mantecada has become popular over the years, you will surely love this preparation because it is fluffy and perfect for some onces.

How to make mantecadas: Banana

Surely you had not heard that you could make banana butter, well let us tell you that it is definitely something you have to try once in your life. Let’s do it!

corn butter

This is a recipe that you learn to prepare very easily, the best thing is that you can make it to share with your family and friends, the flavor is different but it is finger licking good.

chocolate shortbread

This is a different option from making shortbread, but chocolate lovers will surely love it for its smooth flavor but at the same time it is moist and fluffy.

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