How to make crepes? Get a natural wave with tweezers

If you want to wear a natural wavy, forget about the iron, the best thing is the tongs. We explain how to make curls with a hair clip.

Surely you have seen Hollywood celebrities with spectacular hair, neither curly nor straight, but wavybut silky, shiny and without frizz, a hair style that we all wanted to have at some point, well, if your thing is the curls at the ends pay close attention.

Surely you have wondered how they look like that and if it is their natural hair, well no! In most cases the hair is first straightened and then what they did was wave the hair with a clip.

We tell you how to make frizz and curls with the iron

This is how they can wear silky hair with beautiful waves. How to use this hair tool correctly? Here we tell you.

First of all, you must decide in advance if you want small or large wavessince its size is directly proportional to the thickness of the clamp.

Now that you have chosen your clamp, follow the nextand step by step of how to make crepes with clamp…

  1. Before blow-drying, apply a styling cream with thermal protection from mid-lengths to ends. Another way to do it is hold the middle of the strand with the clip and roll it up to the ends.
  2. Brush it like you normally do.
  3. Divide your hair in two, and then each half into four strands.
  4. Start waving your hair from the back to the front, so you will get less tangled.
  5. Attach the clips to the ends of the strand, near the handle so that you take advantage of the entire cylinder, and wrap up to the middle of the hair.
  6. Wait 10 to 15 seconds maximum and release the strand, gently unrolling it, without pulling.

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With information from: Glamor