How to make bows with ribbon for your gifts

If you want to decorate your gifts but you still have no idea what to do, we tell you how to make ribbon bows fast and easy.

If you want to give a detail to a special person, or you want to decorate your secret friend gifts or give a Christmas gift with a beautiful bow, you will surely love these ideas.

How to make a ribbon bow

There is nothing more beautiful than accompanying a good gift with a good bow. For this reason, we will give you two ideas that will surely get you out of trouble so that you can show off with your gifts.

ball bun

It is ideal for decorating gifts that are medium or large in size, you can use all the colors you can think of and your gift will look beautiful.

simple bows

If you want to decorate your gift but crafts are a bit difficult for you, this bow is the ideal one for you. In a few steps you will get a result to leave more than one with their mouths open.

If you already know what bow you are going to give to that special person, but you don’t know how to pack it… We have the solution just one click away on Vibra, we tell you how to wrap gifts.