How to make arepas not hard, very simple!

Maybe they haven’t told you how to make arepas not hard because those grandma’s secrets were kept in the trunk of memories.

Arepas are one of the most typical Colombian recipes and the funniest thing is that different tricks are used in each home to make them delicious without them being hard. Although it seems like a simple task, kneading and grilling arepas requires a good technique to enjoy them at the perfect point, hot and exquisite.

If you want to know how to make Colombian egg arepas or you need to know right now the best tricks to make a dough and an ideal cooking of your arepas, then this article will interest you because when you finish reading it, you will know how to prepare them and get them out of the stadium:

How to make arepas not hard

It is clear that the mixture is an important point to ensure the success of the arepas. Although precooked flour packages bring the necessary ingredients and the precise proportions that the dough should have, they are not always right. Look at these simple tips that we give you to make some exquisite arepas and without much effort:

  • An action that sometimes becomes landscape is to assemble the dough using hot water and kneading by hand. This process makes the flour activate in a better way and gain a little oxygen, which is why they will be more fluffy. When you are kneading, also keep in mind not to add the water all at once, rather add it little by little because only with the contact of your hand, you will know if the dough is very dry or wet; you can easily check this by looking to see if it sticks to your hand or slips too much.
  • Another valid tip so that the arepas do not harden is to let the dough rest for a few minutes (5 or 10 would be fine). Once you get the exact point where you want the dough, you must divide it into small balls and put them on a lint-free cloth, in this way you will ensure a good consistency and prevent the arepas from cracking.

How to make arepas not hard tricks

There is no doubt that having soft but crispy arepas requires a detail that you must control: the temperature. Once you have put the pan or grill in which you are going to roast them with a little butter or oil on the fire, it is important that you let the surface gain heat, but not too much. Check it by putting a small piece of flour and see if it quickly changes its color to golden. If so, the temperature will be over, which is why you should lower the stove and wait a few seconds to put the arepas.

The time they spend roasting in the pan will prevent them from overcooking. The arepas should take no more than 5-7 minutes on each side to be properly cooked. Never raise the temperature to force them to roast faster, the only thing you will achieve is that you will be raw inside. Finally, consume them immediately, because after 17 or 18 minutes after removing them from the stove, they will begin to lose their heat and become harder because the crust that forms on the grill will turn into charcoal (even if you do it on the stove) and They won’t taste the same anymore.

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