How to make a very original Christmas fireplace

Take advantage of a space in your house and decorate it with this fantastic idea, because we tell you how to make a christmas fireplace.

Creating a Christmas fireplace can be a good time to share with the family, especially with the little ones in the house. You need few materials but a lot of creativity to make this fireplace look amazing in your home.

How to make a cardboard Christmas fireplace

For many, the best time of the year is Christmas, because they can turn their home into a magical place. Without a doubt, decorating with a Christmas fireplace will be a good option to give your home a warm touch.


  • 3 rectangular cardboard boxes
  • 1 sheet of cardboard
  • Paints or paper of different colors
  • Lights

Implements necessary

Time required

60 minutes

Estimated cost

$17,000 (COP)


1. Decorate, the first step to make your Christmas fireplace

The first thing you need to do is work the two boxes that will be used as the base of the fireplace. You can paint them or cover them with paper depending on the effect you want to create, one of the most popular is the brick effect but this is the time to let your imagination run wild and create a unique style.

2. Join

After decorating your two base boxes, the next step is to join them with the third box that will go on top. You must place it horizontally, forming a kind of arch. Then stick it with tape to secure it and then put the silicone so that it is fixed.

3. Paint

Once you have the box ready on top of the others, you must paint it with the same effect that you have chosen for your fireplace. If, for example, you liked the brick effect, you should do the same and take care of the details so that all the drawings are perfect.

4. Paste

When the structure of the fireplace is ready, now we need to put a background on it. Use the cardboard sheet to fit it on the back and recreate the fire using the paints.

5. Locate

Finally, all you have to do is place your fireplace in the place in your home that you consider most appropriate. Remember that you can put it near a socket to connect the lights that will make the effect of the fire even more credible. And ready! It’s time to enjoy your Christmas fireplace.

Here we leave you a more detailed step by step so you can create your wonderful Christmas fireplace:

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