How to make a snowman with recyclable materials

To learn how to make a snowman It will serve to decorate your house or give a gift to someone special who will surely love it.

Snowmen can be a very good option to decorate on Christmas dates. In addition, if they are quite nice, it is a fairly easy craft to do with recycled materials. So get to work!

How to make an easy snowman

Follow this step by step to create your beautiful snowman, it’s time to share with the family and let all your creativity fly.


  • Three cans of different sizes
  • white and pink paint
  • Cardstock or orange paper
  • small black buttons
  • Medium colored buttons
  • two branches
  • Piece of fabric for the scarf

Implements necessary

  • hot silicone
  • Brushes

Time required

45 minutes

Estimated cost

$1,500 (COP)


1. Paint

The first thing you should do is take the three cans and with the help of the brush, paint them all white. You need to put two coats of paint on it to make your snowman look gorgeous.

2. Create

Then you will begin to give life to your doll by the head, so you must choose the smallest can. Then you must glue the black buttons to the can with the hot silicone to make the eyes and the smiling mouth. Then on the orange cardboard draw a triangle, cut it and also glue it to the can, since that will be the nose of your doll. To finish with the head, remember to put the pink paint drawing her flirty cheeks.

3. Form

It is time to form the body of your snowman, the medium can will be the one that goes in the middle and the largest will be the lower part of the body. You must join them with hot silicone and once you have them, you will begin to put the colored buttons. Then add the arms to your snowman, which are those branches on either side.

4. Decorate

Finally, you just have to glue the head to the rest of the body using the silicone. Once you’re ready, all you have to do is add a cute scarf to give it that Christmas touch. That’s why you must carefully accommodate the piece of fabric and voila! Now you can enjoy your beautiful and friendly snowman.

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