How to make a satin ribbon rose, it’s super easy!

If you have no idea how to make a rose in satin ribbon, you have come to the right place because we have a technique to achieve it in the blink of an eye.

Crafts are a good way to pass the time or even generate a few extra income. Learning how to make a ribbon rose is not complicated and in fact, this could be an ideal decoration to give to the people you love or decorate your room or a party room. The only thing you should keep in mind is to put a lot of creativity and a lot of effort into it.

We want to show you how to make flowers in foami and also, the world champion technique to make roses that will be your pride and a good gift idea:

How to make a rose step by step

It’s time to get to work! Start doing this craft that will make you forget about stress and with which you will have fun as if you were a girl again:


  • Red satin ribbon 3.5 cm wide
  • felt circle

Implements necessary

  • Needle and thread
  • hot silicone
  • Lighter

Time required

15 minutes

Estimated cost

$3,900 (COP)


Step 1. Fold

Take the ribbon ribbon, unfold it a bit and make a diagonal fold at one end. Then roll this fold up a bit from the end until you finish this first fold to form the center of the rose. To hold this center, make some points with the needle and thread. Later, do another double and repeat the same action. Once the center of the rose is ample in size, finish off the stitch and cut the excess thread. Keep folding and rolling the tape and at each turn, secure the fold with a silicone dot.

Step 2. Paste

When the rose is the size you want, cut the ribbon and lightly run a lighter through the end where you just cut it. Adhere this end with silicone to the base of the rose. Make sure that this base does not have excess tape and that it is very well finished. Done, this craft project is finished and you can use it to show all your love.

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