How to make a roulette: it will help you to have fun

I’m sure you always wanted to know how to make a roulette! This fun craft is ideal for having fun with the family and getting your creativity rolling with humorous penances or gifts.

Nothing better than an activity in which you put your imagination to the test and in which everyone at home participates. To make your roulette, you can summon your family and by the way, teach them more about recycling, for example, since the materials you will need can be obtained from things that you may no longer use.

How to make a cardboard spinner

It’s time for fun! Get ready to have an amazing time putting together your own spinner. Invite everyone to play nonstop.


  • Paperboard
  • Plastic container or plate
  • Cardstock or colored paper

Implements necessary

  • glue
  • clips
  • Pencil
  • Removable Lead Ball
  • Rule
  • Scissors

Time required

20 minutes

Estimated cost

$2,500 (COP)


Step 1. Trace

Spread the cardboard on a flat surface and place your plate or container on top and, with the help of a pencil, draw its circumference on the cardboard.

Step 2. Crop

Take your scissors and cut out the circumference you drew. Now draw a cross on this circumference with the support of the ruler and open a hole in the entire center, with the help of the tips of the scissors.

Step 3. Redraw

Trace with your ruler and pencil on the cardboard circle, the diagonals that are needed so that there are 8 divisions. With the help of the pen, highlight each of the portions so that they look clear.

Step 4. Cut

Take square pieces of cardboard or colored paper and draw on them the triangles (portions) of the same average as those of the spinner, cut them out and start gluing them on each division of the cardboard, trying to leave the hole in the middle uncovered. You will already have your roulette lined.

Step 5. Draw

Draw an arrow on a piece of paper and cut it out. Stick this figure to the clip and now attach it to the removable lead of the ball, hooking it. Finally pass this lead through the hole you drew on the cardboard. Draw on each portion a penance, surprise or whatever you want it to have, and voila, your roulette is ready to play!

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