How to make a frieze? Technique of only 3 steps

you should still know how to make a frieze It is a recurring task in schools or a craft project for the home.

The idea is that crafts become a recurring project for you and just like when you need to know how to make a billboard, the frieze should be a sample of an orderly and clear creative process.

What is the school frieze?

It is a graphic or written prototype in the form of an accordion, which consecutively illustrates a theme or a series of drawings and which exposes ideas or mental links with a common thread similar to a cartoon.

How to make a school frieze?

Pay attention because for this craft you can also use the bases on how to make a collage and put both techniques together to take it out of the stadium when it is ready. We teach you an easy way to make a frieze:


  • cardboard of different colors
  • Various types of paper (iris, cellophane, etc.)

Implements necessary

  • Scissors
  • Transparent tape
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Journals

Time required

60 minutes

Estimated cost

$4,500 (COP)

Procedure of how to make a school frieze

Step 1. Fold and cut the cardboard

Arrange the cardboard on a flat surface and begin to fold it in equal parts, in halves or quarters, and then where the fold was formed, cut with scissors to obtain sheets of the same size.

Step 2. Paste the sheets

Once you have the number of sheets of cardboard you need to tell your story, start sticking them together at the top using the transparent tape, so that you can later fold them and form an accordion.

Step 3. Put together your story

On each of the sheets illustrate, write, or paste figures that tell your story. Use the markers, colored pencils or whatever comes to mind to create and decorate. Ready, it’s done!

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