How to make a cover of a written work?

I’m sure you’re still wondering How to make a cover of a written work? Year after year the rules change and you have to be updated.

Icontec standards, APA, all this sounds very confusing; The reality is that the presentation of a formal written work requires some parameters, which although they seem to be impossible, they only need to have attention to detail.

How to make a cover of a written work?

It’s time for you to stop suffering and hopefully computers don’t make you wrinkle! Because we have some very simple tips that will help you become a writing star.

The first thing you should know is what type of standards they are asking you for (Icontec, APA), to know the required requirements. If they are margins for Icontec, the measurements are: top 3 cm, left 4 cm, right 2 cm and bottom 3 cm. Nor should you doubt about basic things such as whether it is an essay, thesis, abstract, etc.

What is put on the cover of a written work?

As in any situation, personal data is essential and should never be omitted. For this reason, this is a list of the information that must be recorded on the cover, according to APA regulations:

  • Work name (Workshop, thesis, research).
  • Full name of the person presenting it.
  • Name of the university, college and/or institution.
  • Faculty, area or subject in which you present the work.
  • The career you study (if you are a university student).
  • The city in which the job is delivered.
  • Year of presentation of the work.

How do you make a cover for a written job in Word?

Technology is at our service and you can give your work a touch of distinction by adding covers with default designs in Word. Doing it is super easy, you just have to enter the insert menu and there you press the cover button. It gives you the option of choosing sober or more risky designs, but you must keep in mind that if it is a job that requires seriousness, it is best to choose a design without so much color.

What does the back cover of a job look like?

In addition, you may be asked to attach a back cover to provide more information about the writing or author. Representative fragments of the work, biographical data and synopsis are placed in this space. The recommended thing is not to overwhelm the reader with many texts or information that does not add value.

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